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Walk MS 2013 is Sunday, September 8! Thank you for Joining the Movement to End MS and walking with us this Sunday. This email contains important information you should review prior to event day. Please read it all the way through. If you have any questions, please email us at WalkMSillinois@nmss.org

Check out our Participant Center Video and Guide (PDF) to help you navigate your Participant Center.

Watch the KNOW BEFORE YOU GO video and follow us:  


Times, Directions & Maps | Pre-Event Checklist | What to Do When You Arrive 
Thank You Teams! | Sponsors | About Us |  Contact Us


Walk Buttons ImageYour Walk MS event page will tell you the specific registration and kick-off times for your Walk event. You can also create personalized driving and (if available) transit directions from the Google link on your event page, as well as download useful event Site & Route Maps.

All Walk MS event sites are 100% accessible. You can find accessible parking locations on your Site Map and handicap drop-off locations on your Route Map.

Walk MS is for everyone.  Mobility devices are welcome, and walking is optional.  No matter your ability level, please join us for fun and fellowship.  (Please note:  We do not provide any mobility devices or wheelchairs at Walk MS.  Should you need them, please bring your own.)

Your Site Map will also show you the locations of your Walk MS event's Registration and T-Shirt tents, Writing Table, vendor locations, and portable restrooms.

Visit your Walk MS event page by selecting your site below:

Peoria   Urbana



  • ILD Walk MS Joliet banner on grassFor Emergency Weather Updates dial 1.888.343.1779.
  • Dress for the weather. Walk MS takes place Sunday, September 8, rain or shine. Please check your local forecast at www.weather.com before leaving home and dress appropriately. If necessary, bring sunscreen and a visor, or a rain poncho and extra pair of dry socks.
  • Bring a water bottle & snacks. Fruit and water will be available at all Walk MS event sites. But just to be safe, you can ensure staying happy and hydrated if you bring your own refillable water bottle and small snacks.
  • Print out directions to your Walk MS site. You can use the Google link on every Walk MS event page to create personalized driving and (if available) transit directions. Choose your Walk MS event from the Details & Locations page or from the list above. Then go there to create your personalized directions, print them out, and bring them with you on event day. Your Walk MS event page will also tell you when to arrive on site, and include links to download important site and route maps in PDF format.
  • ILD Walk MS T Shirt Voucher VoidPrint out your t-shirt voucher. Print out your t-shirt voucher (pictured).  T-shirt vouchers will be emailed to participants who have raised a minimum of $125 or greater on September 4. Please print out the voucher and bring it with you on event day. If you lose the voucher, don't worry, we'll have your name at the T-shirt Tent (additional vouchers will be available at the Registration Tent for anyone wishing to make an on-site donation that brings their total to $125 or greater). T-shirts are available while supplies last--but never fear! If we run out, fill out a T-Shirt Request form (available at the T-shirt Tent) and we'll provide you with a t-shirt after Walk MS. T-shirt qualifications is based on individual fundraising.
  • If possible, submit all online pledges before September 8. Submitting your pledges online before the event will ensure we'll have the most up-to-date information on event day. If you cannot do so, online donations can still be submitted through September 30.
  • Fill out and seal your cash donation envelope. For cash and check donations, seal them in your pledge envelope, fill out all information, and be sure to include only the total amount of funds in the envelope. Do not include your online donations in your total. Bring this envelope with you on event day. (Please note: Walk MS volunteers are not permitted to total or seal your envelope for you.)
  • Bring your friends. If last-minute friends, family, or co-workers would like to walk with you, they can register in person at the Registration area on event day.
  • Don't stop fundraising. You have until September 30 to fundraise and qualify for PrizesFundraising Clubs and Top Team status (see below). Prize redemption is October 31. Browse the Walk MS Prize Center


  • ILD Walk MS South Suburbs registration imageLook for friendly official Walk MS Greeters: they'll be carrying orange pom-poms and are there to help guide you through the on-site registration process.
  • If you need to finish filling in forms or to complete and seal your pledge envelope: Go to the Writing Table first (find its location on your event's Site Map.) The table will be amply equipped with pens and calculators. (Please note: Walk MS volunteers are not permitted to total or seal your envelope for you.)
  • If you have cash pledges to turn in...
    • Participants who pre-registered online: Submit your completed, sealed pledge envelope at the Registration Tent (find its location on your Site Map.) If you forgot your envelope, please go to the Writing Table and fill out another envelope. Seal and total the envelope, then turn in the envelope at the Registration Tent. (Please note: Walk MS volunteers are not permitted to total or seal your envelope for you.)
    • ILD Walk MS envelope--whiteParticipants registering in person: If you have friends, family or teammates that have not already registered online, please go to the Writing Table and fill out a collection envelope. Sign the waiver on the envelope and if you have donations to turn in, put them in the envelope and be sure to seal and total the envelope. Then turn in the envelope at the Registration Tent. (Please note: Walk MS volunteers are not permitted to total or seal your envelope for you.)
  • If you're already registered and don't have cash pledges to turn in: Skip the Registration Tent! If you only received online donations or submitted your cash donations ahead of time, there's no need to wait in the Registration line.
  • If you have a t-shirt voucher: Go to the T-Shirt Tent (find its location on your Site Map) with your voucher. If you didn't remember to print out and bring your voucher, don't worry, we'll have a list of all participants who have qualified for t-shirts at the T-Shirt Tent. (Additional t-shirt vouchers will be available in the Registration area for participants wishing to make an on-site donation to achieve a fundraising total of $125 or more.)
  • After registration, the fun begins! When you're done with any necessary registration activities, you can gather with your friends or your team, participate in warm-up exercises, explore the vendor booths, and meet your fellow walkers. In addition, every Walk MS site has a brief kick-off ceremony shortly before the event gets underway that you won't want to miss.

    Plus, don't forget to meet and congratulate the members of our Tremendous 200, Elite Feet, and Alumni fundraising clubs! Tremendous 200 walkers are our top-200 fundraisers from last year's Walk MS event and raised a minimum of $2,000. They'll be wearing special orange t-shirts with a list of Tremendous 200 members on the back. Elite Feet walkers have raised $500 or more in donations by April 1, 2013, and will be sporting special orange sunglasses. Find them all and say hello!
  • MS Lab: For those who do not live with the challenges of multiple sclerosis, it can be difficult to imagine what it may be like to have the disease.  In addition, sometimes it's hard for people with MS to explain the feeling of various symptoms or the way the disease makes them feel-both emotionally and physically.

    Because of this, we have created a unique way for you to experience first-hand what it may be like to live with multiple sclerosis.  Through simple activities like attempting to button a shirt while wearing rubber gloves, you can better understand the cause that you're supporting.  Be sure to check it out! 


ILD Walk MS Team GillispieTo qualify to be a Top Team at your Walk MS site you must be one of five teams in Urbana to raise a minimum of $1,500 and one of eight eams in Peoria to raise a minimum of $3,000 by September 30. You then will be awarded with a Team Tent, exclusive invites to National MS Society events and more in 2014.

Below is a list of our Top Teams so far:


  1. Linda's Legs
  2. Walking for Monica
  3. Walkin' for Rezz
  4. Bright Future
  5. Team Up Larry and Dori
  6. INI
  7. Joanna's Jay Walkers (Team Week Winner)
  8. Interferon with MS (Team Week Winner)


  1. Daydream Believers
  2. Suzie's Striders
  3. Kerrie and Kelly's krew
  4. Pirates of the Cure-ibbean
  5. MS Divas


We'll see you all on Sunday, September 8!

Thank you to our Walk MS 2013 Corporate Sponsors

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The National MS Society
addresses the challenges of each person affected by MS. To fulfill this mission, the Society funds cutting-edge research, drives change through advocacy, facilitates professional education, collaborates with MS organizations around the world, and provides programs and services designed to help people with MS and their families move forward with their lives. 

The disease affects more than 20,000 people in Illinois and 2.1 million worldwide. For more information, visit MSIllinois.org


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