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Our Walk Champions are the public face of the Walk MS 2014 campaign. These are all individuals who are affected by MS in different ways and are having a major impact in their communities through their fundraising, awareness and activism. Read more about our Walk Champions below.


Walk MS Champion - Angel Photo

Angel Arroyo Jr.

I compare MS to raising a child. When raising a child, as a father, failure isn’t an option. So I’m going to do everything possible to make sure that I’m going to be there for my daughter growing up. I truly believe that I was dealt a set of cards with no option to fold, and I’m looking for that river.

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Walk MS Champion - Nick Family Photo

Nick Cucci & Family

“My coolest Walk moment came from our Shoot Forza Cure. At the end of the day, my dad stood up off his scooter, grabbed a stick, and took some shots at me for a good three, four minutes. It was incredible to see how excited he was, doing something he loves so much. I think that would be hard for us to beat."

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Heather Xu - cropped5.jpg

Heather Daigle Xu & KPMG

"Upon learning that the National MS Society is one of KPMG’s national strategic charitable affiliations, I realized that there was an opportunity ahead of me. While I had not openly shared my diagnosis with many people at work, I realized that I could join the movement to raise MS awareness at KPMG and to support the incredible work of the MS Society. Last year, I made the decision to become the Chicago office champion for the MS Society and initiate the KPMG Stompers team for Walk MS. With the support of my workplace, I told the story of my diagnosis from a place of strength."

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Walk MS Champion  Meghan Photo

Meghan Melone

"I was diagnosed with MS in 2004 when I was just 14 years old. This will mark my 10th year participating in Walk MS, and it’s a day that I am so fortunate to share every year with my family and friends, both old and new. Since my diagnosis, I have met many people who live with MS and experience an array of symptoms. Their drive to live well has motivated me to do the same, and I’ve learned just how important it is to have a positive outlook and the support of loved ones. Knowing that I have this support helps me every day.”

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Walk MS Champion - Northwestern

Bethany Masch & Northwestern

“In my first year at Northwestern I heard that we had a Walk MS team, but there wasn’t much excitement about it. We raised about $500 from people contributing a few dollars here and there, and only seven of our Northwestern staff made it out on the day of the event. There was a lot of room for improvement. I started making an effort to get our staff and patients more involved.”

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