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Healthcare Centers

Be an active leader in the movement towards a world free of MS through your Health Center. As a health care provider, you can understand the importance of MS fundraising events which support the necessary research, advocacy, programs and services for those affected by MS. So take the next step and show your support of your patients and clients by walking with them at Walk MS. Form a Team for your Health Center NOW.

Other simple ways to get your Health Center involved:

Walk MS Posters - place a poster throughout your office, break room, neighborhood to get others to join the movement.

Walk MS Rack Cards & Holders - place this in a brochure holder in a visible area of a counter or desk so others can learn about Walk MS.

Walk MS Donation Cans - Use these as a way to collect change throughout the year that could be put towards your Team fundraising.

Lunch & Learn - This is a great opportunity for our Walk MS Staff to come to your Health Center and discuss what MS and what the National MS Society does to help those living with it. If you are interested in this opportunity or have questions, contact


There is no better way than supporting your employees or co-workers than joining them in their fight against MS. By creating a corporate team you are showing that the people of your company matter. Ask your co-workers to join you in the movement to end MS. Form a Team NOW.

Perks of a Corporate Team:

Sponsorship Levels: As a corporate partner, your company will gain local market presence via guaranteed exposure in each state with a variety of events in each chapter area. Below outlines several day-of event exposure opportunities:


More than 100,000 mass market promotional pieces including trading cards, brochures and posters

Monthly exposure to 20,000 event participants including event updates and e-newsletters

Web presence on chapter web page with a minimum of 500,000 unique visitors

Extensive media coverage with an estimated audience reach of 3.2 million through Walk MS media efforts

Logo inclusion on 45”x69” street furniture posters displayed through-out Chicagoland

Logo inclusion on 45”x69” Mall scape posters displayed at the following malls:  Hawthorn Center, Oak Brook Center,  Old Orchard, Water Tower Place and Woodfield

Logo inclusion in CTA and RTA advertisements



Ownership of a rest area or tent at start/finish line at Walk MS with unlimited and possibly exclusive branding


10x10, 10x20, or 20x20 booth space at Sponsor Row – adjacent to start/finish line providing access to 12,000 + participants, volunteers and spectators


Logo inclusion on select wearables for 12,000 event participants


Prominent banner and signage at designated areas at 13 Walk MS events


Product sampling and/or product placement to event participants


Coming soon

Thank you to our national sponsors

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Live Events

Please check back as events are added regularly!