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Participating in Walk MS is more fun when you are part of a team! Walk MS Teams consist of at least four members, and each member’s individual fundraising level counts towards your team’s total. Ask others to join you and enjoy walking together. Share the experience of connecting with friends, family, co-workers, neighbors or anyone that wants to end MS forever. 

Additional Team benefits:

Team Captains

Team captains serve as “inspirational leaders” for their team members. People raise more money together than they do alone.

Top Teams

You’ve recruited them and raised money with them. Now celebrate with them! We recognize all of our Top Performing Teams through their fundraising efforts:

How can my team be a TOP TEAM?

Team Shirts

Looking for a low cost way to build team camaraderie and to literally wear your team pride on your sleeve?! Through our national partnership with Pure Protein, we have access to their team t-shirt site and the opportunity to purchase team t-shirts at cost – that means no markups! Simply go to the Pure Protein website and you can buy team t-shirts, customized with your team logo and/or photo, and share your team pride with everyone in the MS movement! T-shirts cost $6.95 each plus a one-time set up fee and the cost of shipping. A minimum of six shirts must be ordered allowing 14 days for delivery. Thank you to Pure Protein for underwriting the cost of this opportunity and for their support of the MS movement.

Thank you to our national sponsors

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Live Events

Please check back as events are added regularly!