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We Couldn’t Do It Without You

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Walk MS. The success of Walk MS is directly related to the wonderful volunteers who help make the event a great experience. Families, groups, and individuals are welcome to participate.

Your donation of time is greatly appreciated and needed to create a successful Walk MS event.

For more information about the volunteer positions, please see below.

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Volunteer Positions

Activity Area

If the specific Walk site has areas for kids and families, volunteers will assist with facilitating the activities. Kids must be with their parent or guardian at all times.

Finish Line Celebration

Let's party! This is the time for celebration! Finish Line volunteers will cheer walkers across the finish line and celebrate with walkers as they return!

Food Tent

Your role is to help organize the water or snacks at the tables so that participants can easily take what they need.  Throw away trash and ensure that the area is clean.


Your role is to set the tone for a welcoming environment. Volunteer greeters provide good customer service and direct participants to the right area, ensuring that the event run smoothly.

Logistics Crew

Assist with making sure the event runs smoothly by monitoring the set-up, route marking, teardown and logistics management throughout the event.

Medical Tent

A certified First Aid/CPR volunteer will offer help to those who need medical assistance.  Volunteer must provide proof of certification or license.

Missions Tent

Provide information and answer questions about the Society (e.g. events, volunteering, advocacy, etc.). Ask guests to sign-up for events as participants or volunteers.


Say cheese! You will take team photos, start and finish line photos, and route and celebration photos.  Volunteer must own a digital camera and be able to submit photos to the chapter office.

Pin-On Distributors

Your role is to distribute“I Walk For” pin-on sheets to every participant. The sheets offer participants a chance to dedicate their participation to a loved one.


Got a special talent? Share your skills with Walk MS participants to make it a memorable experience for all. (Massage therapists, comedians, musicians, face-painters, truck drivers, etc.)


Assist the staff with checking-in participants, collecting sealed envelopes, organizing materials and assisting with tear-down. Volunteer must complete a background check in order to work in this area.

Rest Stop

Assist Walk MS participants with refreshments as they take a much-needed break at the rest stop.

Route/Site Support

Your role is to assist in making the Walk MS route and event site safe for all participants. Support walkers along the route, transport walkers and supplies to various locations along the route or to the Start/Finish area, must be encouraging and enthusiastic to walkers, and report potential emergencies or problems along the route to the site leaders.

Set- up

Join us to set up and prepare the site for the day’s events. Jobs may involve unloading and distributing supplies, setting up tables and chairs, and hanging banners and signage. Set-up may be different at each site and may involve a variety of tasks, but your help is critical in ensuring that everything is ready to go before the walkers arrive! (Lifting is involved.)

T-shirt Distribution

Help distribute Walk MS participant T-shirts to qualified individuals.

Volunteer Check in

Welcome volunteers for the event and make sure they are ready to do their tasks for the day.



When you register online, you will receive the same fundraising tools our walkers enjoy through the Participant Center. And, when you fundraise as a volunteer, you are eligible for the same great prizes available to walkers!

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